Developer Blog Begins

May 29, 2014 00:00 · 159 words · 1 minute read

So I’ve decided to start a developer’s blog. My first motivation in doing this was to share information on side projects as I continue to hobby in hacking/making things with electronics in my free time. Hopefully things I do/make would inspire other people to do similar or greater things. My second motivation is to also use it as a place to showcase software engineering side projects for others to read and build off of as well as for professional exposure.

To start, I’ve blogged up an overview of the work I did on my Masters thesis in Electrical Engineering just to oil the gears. Coming soon I am also planning posts on:

  • Communicating using XBee radios in API mode with Python and Arduino(C++)
  • A basic class attendance tracking application using Python, Flask, and MongoDB
  • A pure python implementation of k-means++ with optional equal size clusters output (pending approval)
  • A pure Python Expectation Maximization implementation

Good stuff is to come!